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12:15pm - 2:15pm

This pampering birth circle is the IRL version of the content in Ayurveda Doula's "Birth with Ayurveda" course. Embodiment and breathing help your dream birth come to life. Birth Nidra will help you connect to your baby and your innate power to birth. In the Doula Sharing Circle, you will have the chance to ask your guide (Ayurvedic Vaidya & full-spectrum Doula, Deborah Rose) any of your burning questions.


Why including Ayurveda as you prepare for Birth

Preparing for birth with Ayurveda means a playful, holistic self-care practice that includes herbal medicine, self-massage, meditation, and mindful habits to support your constantly changing body and baby's growth as your pregnancy progresses. Your body will be nourished, and the flow of Prana ("life force") in your womb, bowels and endocrine glands will be optimised well before your baby comes earthside.


Birth Nidra

Deborah Rose will guide you through a deep meditation that combines the best of hypnobirth with Yoga Nidra to help your mind prepare for birth. A repetitive Birth Nidra practice gives you ample exposure to Alpha & Theta Waves, which will help you move into your altered state and tap into your body's own freeflow of oxytocin and endorphins when it's time for labour. 

On the day of the gathering, you will receive:

ღ A yummy herbal beverage and other mums-to-be in a zen setting

ღ Embodiment practice to help you prepare for birth. Examples are ayurvedic Yoga flow for low back release, hip/pelvis support, pelvic drainage, abdominal toning, and pelvic floor activation, flirt-with-birth movements, self-massage flow to support your key organs and bodily functions.

ღ Birth Nidra - my tailored Yoga Nidra series to help you prepare for birth. Perfectly blends with hypnobirthing as well as a standalone deep relaxation practice to condition the mind and body for a positive birth outcome.

ღ Time for Q&A and connecting

*Deborah offers various adjustments for each stage of pregnancy throughout the session.


Please note that we require a minimum of 24 business hours notice before class cancellation. If you cancel your scheduled class within 24 business hours, a single class booking will be forfeit. If you fail to turn up to your scheduled class without any notice a single class booking will be forfeit.


78 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 2BE, UK

020 7284 2898



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