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Service Description

The heart is an intelligent energy system orchestrating the whole of our existence. A heart that has cleared energetic debris from the past leads you to a state of clarity and authenticity that is pure gold. From there, you effortlessly align with your own unique expression of true prosperity that is love, health, wealth, passion and purpose in balance and unity. While we can do the work to consciously clear our hearts from the emotional debris of thoughts, memories and beliefs that no longer serve us, the heart holds information that extends beyond this lifetime, like DNA carried from our ancestors and fragments of the soul from parallel, past or even future lives. Your heart contains a timeless awareness and is connected with the energies of the earth and cosmos. 


Heart Realignment Healing works to draw from all directions of space and time whatever is needed in order for your heart to realign with the earth and planetary energies - cosmic intelligence and higher consciousness that guides you to your highest expressions of purpose, creativity and love. If you’re wondering how you’re going to get from A to B with the life of fulfilment and meaning you feel you are destined for, this opens up possibilities, an acceleration from where you are to your most expansive potential and positive impact. This is a quantum healing for quantum shifts, the effects are non-linear. 


During a session, you will be gently guided into a regenerative, meditative space with this one-off, one of a kind  experience. This is a non-contact healing and while there can be some physical sensations experienced at the time, the effects can be realised in the days, weeks and months to follow. 

30 Minutes Healing & 30 Minutes Debrief/Reflection

Cancellation Policy

Please note that we require 24 business hours notice for appointment cancellation. If you give us notice within 24 business hours of your appointment time there will be a charge of 50% of the treatment cost. If you fail to turn up to your appointment without any notice there will be a charge of 100% of the treatment cost.


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