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Breaking the Psychic Stigma

Updated: Jun 6

Breaking the Psychic Stigma

I have always been curious about words like intuition, psychic, spirit realm, chakra, aura, crystals and so on. I have also felt skepticism or maybe a better word is fear of those words. Why? I don't really know, perhaps because of being raised in the age of big technological advances. Who knows, one thing that is clear is i have felt, like so many others, a rise in the disconnect between my body, my mind and my spirit as well as a desire to understand myself and be able to connect with others more deeply. I have also felt a knowing that deeper connection is available to all of us and that we are not using it. Maybe that comes from the myth I heard in my youth that we only use 10% of our brains and even though I now know that isn't true I do still feel that there is something missing.

when I met Kim Alexis, naturally I had a lot of questions fuelled by curiosity and a need to understand what it was that she did, how does she do it and why?

So Kim, can you break the stigma about who is psychic and who isn't? And what does it mean to be psychic?

Everyone is born psychic as we all have intuition, if we practice using our intuition then we can grow to become psychic again. I say psychic again because it is numbed down by technology and stressful lives.

In the beginning it can feel as in a knowing because of a gut feeling or seeing visions in a dream as in prophecy.

What are some signs a person might notice in their daily life that means their "vibration" is raising?

It’s very common for synchronicities to happen, hearing songs on the radio for example that have an exact meaning for your situation. Seeing messages on billboards or buses. Thinking of a person then at that moment they call.Walking into a room feeling tingles or an uneasy feeling means you are using your heightened intuition. Even hearing your name called by spirit when you’re just in that falling asleep mode.

Are there techniques or practices people can use to help raise their vibration? (meditation, prayer?) Are there techniques or practices that should be avoided?

Yes, meditation is the best way to raise your vibration along with chakra meditation exercises which help too. Being happy in yourself, nothing raises your vibration better than laughter just as sadness and depression quashes your vibration, music will raise your vibration too.

Lighting candles and making the intention to work with your spirit team, guides, angels, loved ones will attract a higher vibration as well.

Avoid the ouija board which can attract all manor of mischeivious spirits, watching horror movies, or calling in lower energy entities. Also not having fearful thoughts, envy, anger, jealousy as they all create a low vibrational frequency in one's aura.

Why is it important to learn about using intuition and developing psychic abilities under the guidance of a teacher or a mentor?

It’s important that your mentor has experience as to understand the mechanics of working with spiritual energy so that you know how to be grounded and safe with the right techniques. Because many negative physical and spiritual issues can occur if care is not taken (a controversial topic some mediums don't believe in).

How did you begin on your journey?

I began my spiritual journey as a teenager playing with tarot and had an interest in astrology and Buddhist monks. My first recollection of clairvoyance occurred whilst staying in Italy. I had a premonition of the devastating 1989 San Francisco earthquake whilst reading an unrelated book, feeling tired I put the book down switched on the radio only to hear that exact news being broadcast. I looked in the book thinking I had read about it! On another occasion I was unexpectedly overcome by a being of divine light emitting love that can only be described as pure heaven, love like nothing on earth as we know it. As my ability became clearer to me I went on to learn how to strengthen and control this "renewed gift", whilst exploring crystals, tarot and other metaphysical pursuits. Within a few months I was seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience) and sensing (clairsentient), my journey as a Psychic Spiritual Medium and Healer had begun.

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