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Bowel Tonic 3, Natural Bowel Stimulant

£30 (90 Capsules)

Natural Bowel Stimulant (Strong)

Bowel Tonic, Natural Bowel Stimulant

£30 (90 capsules)

Natural Bowel Stimulant (Standard)

Bowel Tonic 4, Natural Bowel Stimulant with Calminants

£30 (90 Capsules)

Natural Bowel Stimulant with calminants

Bowel Tonic for Pregnancy & Lactation



£30 (90 Capsules)

Natural Bowel Stimulant for Pregnant & Feeding Mothers

Female Hormonal Balancer

£30 (90 Capsules)

For Easing All Hormonal Issues

Multi Vitamin & Mineral

£30 (90 Capsules)

General Support

Energy Formula

£30 (90 capsules)

Energy Boost

Relax Ease

£30 (90 Capsules)

For Calm

Blood Lymph Purifier

£30 (100ml)

Cleanse the Lymph System

Liver Tonic

£30 (100ml)

For occasional or regular drinking, overuse of the liver from other causes, feeling run down

Digestive Aid

£30 (100ml)

Aids Digestion

Feel Good Formula

£30 (100ml)

Formula for low spirits, mild depression, raising mood

Immunity Booster

£30 (100ml)

Boosts Immunity

Sleep Well

£30 (90 Capsules)

For Restful Sleep

Iodine Boost

£30 (90 Capsules)

For Thyroid Support

Bowel Tonic for Children


for children

£30 (100 ml)

Gentle Bowel Tonic for Children

Prenatal Formula

£30 (90 Capsules)

All Round Preparation of the Body for Delivery

Lactation Formula

£30 (90 Capsules)

For Increasing & Enriching Milk

Good Night Sleep for Children



£30 (100 ml)

Aids Restful Sleep for Children

Post Natal Course

£38 (90 Capsules & 100ml)

Helping the Body Return to Normal After Birth


Classical herbal Formulae


Our high quality herbal supplements are made from only the best sources of European herbal powders - often biodynamic and organic - all tested for purity and efficacy. The capsuling and bottling is done in a wifi-free environment. The capsules are vegicaps which are made from hydroxypropillmethylcellose, a derivative of wood pulp.


Each product contains a herbal formula to address specific issues such as constipation, hormone imbalance, energy, etc. The formulae are taken from the great renowned herbalists (some with adaptations). So they're all well tried across generations.


Herbs (Phytotherapy) have been used as a major source of healing since the dawn of man in all civilisations. Phytotherapy believes that man is not a chemical compound but an expression of a life force and herbs express this life force too. Thus there is synergy between man and herbs, and the original plant in its wholeness is key. Herbs do not block or alter body functioning like pharmaceuticals, but teach the body to work better. Even science, specifically biophysics, has come full circle by recognising that the light and co2 which plants use to produce their nutrients are active when consumed as a supplement and can play a key part in our cellular functioning.



100% natural -  organic - vegan ​

Hand crafted, plant based skincare that gently works in harmony with your skin to nourish, hydrate and balance the acid mantle.

Most skincare products use water (up to 80%) as their main ingredient, which precipitates the need for preservatives and emulsifiers. Pretty Special products are anhydrous (waterless) and hence don't require chemical  preservatives. you will not find parabens, sulphates or synthetic fillers in any of the products, just plenty of natural, organic, skin loving ingredients. No water equals more of what is good for you, so each formulation is packed with rich botanical extracts, butters full of vitamins and minerals and skin smoothing oils. A little goes a long way with these potent pots of plant power.​​​​

Cleansing Butter Mango & Camellia


A gentle, botanical cleansing balm that melts dirt without stripping or irritating the skin.

Overnight Replenishing Oil


This is a highly concentrated formulation of specially blended plant extracts that smooth, tone and hydrate your skin whilst you rest.

Crystal Eye Mask


The ultimate in luxury, crystal eye masks are the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate tired, puffy eyes. Available in Jade or Rose Quartz.

Beauty Sleep Pillow Mist


Destress and unwind with this synergistic blend of vanilla, chamomile and lavender essential oils blended perfectly to soothe your senses and calm the mind. 

Bamboo Scoop & Cloth


The bamboo scoop will allow you to pick up the perfect amount of cleansing balm. the soft cotton and bamboo cloth will gently exfoliate whilst removing make up and grime.

Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer Set


Rose Quartz gua sha scraper and face roller tool plus Radiance Oil to lift and sculpt whilst reducing puffiness and signs of stress.

Serenity Perfume Oil


A blend of oils to help draw nervous energy away from the brain and down to the root chakra, helping you to feel more grounded, pragmatic and reassured.

Heart & Soul Perfume Oil


A blend of oils to bring harmony, balance and support to your heart chakra, allowing positive energy to flow in.

Beauty Sleep Perfume Oil


A blend of oils to aid and promote a restful sleep as well as open the crown chakra, paving the way for a balanced spiritual life.

Radiance Oil


Radiance Oil is a beautiful combination of ylang ylang and rose flower extracts blended with concentrated botanical vitamins and minerals.

Beauty Sleep Restorative Night Balm


A blend of skin loving oils with rich, moisturising butters to soothe, calm and replenish your skin while you sleep.

Trio of Aromatherapy Perfume Oils



The trio of aromatherapy perfume oils calm, soothe and destress the mind, body and soul.

Cleansing Hand Spray


Fresh and fruity, our cleansing spray is not only clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria, it smells amazing and won't dry your hands out.

Ginseng & Cucumber Balancing Face Mask

Ginseng and Cucumber Balancing

Face Mask


A cooling, hydrating gel mask to replenish and revive tired looking skin.

Heart & Soul Room Spray


A blend of oils to bring harmony, balance and support to your heart chakra, allowing positive energy to flow in.

Serenity Room Spray



a blend of oils to help draw nervous energy away from the brain and down to the root chakra, helping you to feel more grounded, pragmatic and reassured.

Radiance Beauty Restorer Set



The Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool helps lift and sculpt the face, whilst also reducing puffiness and stress signs. Used in combination with the oil it's the ultimate treat for your face.



Nutrition & lifestyle advice designed for you, and nobody else.

DNA Pal Test Kit


This test decodes your individual DNA to help you understand how you are built and what you really need to get and stay healthy.



For a successful conception, healthy pregnancy and beyond with tailored nutrition and lifestyle advice from experts.

personalised nutrition can really improve your reproductive health and your future baby's health too. our expert scientists, doctors and nutritionists are all here to help you with personalised food and lifestyle recommendations. 





as the founder of vitruvian wellness, I am thrilled to introduce you to a beautiful range of aloe vera and bee products. I was introduced to this range by one of my therapists.  I tried them out myself and think they are absolutely amazing.

Forever Living Aloe Vera Products


This company grows their own aloe fields. They look over their plants from growth to harvest. They produce the highest quality inner leaf aloe vera every year. Aloe vera has powerful benefits that will help you look and feel better inside and outside. From aiding in digestion to soothing and conditioning the skin, pure inner leaf aloe vera gel is at the heart of everything.

They only grow and harvest Aloe Barbadensis Miller which is the most nutritionally valuable variety of aloe that nourishes the body inside and out.

Every aloe vera leaf they process is harvested by hand and filleted by hand to protect the plant and ensure only the highest quality inner leaf aloe vera gel is used in their products.

Their aloe fields are innovation hubs where they test new methods of growing, fertilising and cultivating aloe to guarantee the thickest leaves with the greatest inner leaf gel yields.

Their product range is extensive, in order to purchase please explore this link or scan this QR code:

QR Code for Forever Living Products
Forever Living Bee Products


BEE POLLEN packs all the power of pure bee pollen and honey straight from the hive. As they fly from blossom-to-blossom, bees pollinate plants and fuel our ecosystem. Bees use the pollen they gather to create their food, which keeps the entire hive nourished, productive and strong. Bee pollen is a great natural source of nutrients including proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This easily digestible and absorbed tablet ensures your body gets all the nutrition it needs naturally.

BEE PROPOLIS is the protective substance gathered and used by bees to disinfect and protect their hives from pathogens. The company has been producing propolis supplements for decades and are one of the oldest manufacturers on the market, proud to offer superior quality and purity you can trust.

Natural ROYAL JELLY is an extremely nutritious and biochemically complex honey bee secretion. It is a rich, milky substance which consists of proteins, simple sugars, fatty acids and trace elements vitamin B5 and B6. The exclusive food of the queen bee, royal jelly is thought to be responsible for her longevity – she lives over fifty times longer than regular worker bees.

Their product range is extensive, in order to purchase please explore this link or scan this QR code:

QR Code for Forever Living Shop
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