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Sam Pope

Self-Alignment Coach, Soul Psychology Tarot Practitioner

"Helping you stay self-aligned as you navigate the highs and lows of midlife”.

Do you ever feel unclear and unsure? If you’re tired of ‘over-analysing’ and traditional methods of therapy then self-alignment coaching with soul psychology tarot is for you.

Sam Pope is a psychosynthesis psychologist, meditation teacher and advanced tarot practitioner. She supports folks in midlife who struggle with self-doubt to find their purpose and direction so they can improve relationships and live a more self-aligned, fulfilled life. Sam’s unique combination of psychology and soul psychology tarot creates a therapeutic environment which includes the larger ‘soul story’, self-development and healing towards purpose and meaning.

For a simple method to connect to your intuition and simple next steps, soul psychology tarot consultations and workshops are also available.

Sam Pope

" Sam has an outstanding intuitive gift for life coaching using the Tarot for guidance. The cards perfectly told the story of my life that Sam expertly interpreted to provide advice and guidance about the next steps for an improved life path ahead. One of the best spiritual coaches I've had the good grace to spend time with. Thank you for your wise counsel. "

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