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Enjoy Your Inner Peace

Image of Reflection at Vitruvian Wellness

Vitruvian Wellness is a sacred healing space committed to supporting people in achieving their optimum potential in vitality and health by focusing on mind, body and soul.


At Vitruvian Wellness some of London’s most expert practitioners and therapists are bringing together energy modalities, immune boosting therapies such as IV drips and Ozone, detoxification strategies, bodywork, beauty treatments, spiritual wellbeing as well as sacred healing ceremonies and educational workshops.


We work closely together with our team of dedicated and professional therapists to create a community of like-minded people committed to restoring, uplifting, healing and reenergising our clients to new levels of wellbeing.


We are equally dedicated to helping our clients gain individual power over their health by offering educational workshops, guest speakers and documentary evenings thereby building a sanctuary for health education, inspiration and human connection.

Image of Self-Discovery at Vitruvian Wellness
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