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Frédérique Peeters-Tan

Frédérique was born and raised in Belgium. She moved to the UK at the age of 18 to attend university. After a successful career in investment banking spanning 15 years she decided to dedicate her time to raising her family.


Her interest and passion for achieving optimal health has led her to explore many different healing modalities in the areas of mind, body and soul. Many people have kept on suggesting over the years to bring her wealth of knowledge together and share it with others. This has led to the creation of ‘Vitruvian Wellness’, a sacred healing centre that brings together the best therapies and therapists, helping to build a harmonious community that aspires to optimal wellbeing.

Frédérique Peeters-Tan, Founder
Balance at Vitruvian Wellness, London NW3 2BE


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