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90 min



SUNDAY - APRIL 14, 2024

3:30 - 5:00pm

3ppl minimum


Join Catarina and Alex for a relaxing and restorative sound journey to counter balance feelings of overwhelm, stress, and frustration. this pair of musicians will take you on a 5D journey, playing sacred instruments around and on your body, as well as using natural essential oils to activate your olfactory senses. 


Instruments will include Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, ocean drum, rainstick, conch shell, Native American flute amongst others.


This is a chance to escape and have a rest without having to leave the country. 

What is a Soundbath? 


Just like the name indicates, it is a bath with vibrations and frequencies instead of water. It is a cleansing experience, removing blockages, stagnation and toxins in your body and mind. It is a safe space to connect back to your own breath, body and higher consciousness and offers an opportunity not just to hear sounds, but to allow every single cell and molecule in your your body, to listen and feel the sound in their authentic essence. It provides a place to stop doing and simply be. The vibrations will signal the limbic system to return to a calm state, activating our parasympathetic nervous system response, aka “Rest & Digest”.


Who is this session for?


This session is aimed for anyone who is curious and/or passionate about sound and is interested in taking some time to care for themselves and self-nourish. You don’t need a musical background to enjoy the power of sound. Anyone can benefit from Sound Healing, wether it is to feel more rested and calm, to improve sleep or even just to treat yourself.

What to bring?

Mats and props will be provided; wear comfortable clothes with nothing tight around the stomach/waist and bring a water bottle.

Who are the musicians?


Catarina Carvalho

Catarina is a classically trained singer who has been exploring mindfulness through sound, breath, and movement over the past 3 years. Catarina is also a Yoga and Pranayama instructor, as well as a Sound Healer. Her passion is blending wisdom from different cultures, using various practices and techniques. Catarina is a curious soul, always eager to travel, listen and learn from different perspectives. Catarina’s work also includes Music in Community, using singing and chanting to better people’s mental and physical health, aiming to improve their quality of life. In the future, Catarina would like to explore music and health more in-depth, focusing on people with disabilities and dementia. She has worked with world leaders in the fields of Opera performance, Music Therapy, Yoga, Kirtan, Sound Healing, Meditation and Breathwork.


Alex Dmochowski

Born and raised in Hackney, Alex has been around music from all over the world since a young age. After first picking up the clarinet at 6 years old and the saxophone at 12, Alex went on to graduate from Trinity Laban Conservatoire. He is currently playing music from varied and rich  cultures in bands with musicians from Ghana, India, and South America. Each of these projects continue to inspire and humble him on a daily basis, heavily influencing his own work.​


Please note that we require 24 business hours notice for appointment cancellation. If you give us notice within 24 business hours of your appointment time there will be a charge of 50% of the treatment cost. If you fail to turn up to your appointment without any notice there will be a charge of 100% of the treatment cost.


Card details will be required to secure all appointments.


78 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 2BE, UK

020 7284 2898

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