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Adrian Cox

Shiatsu Massage Therapist

Adrian is a Zen Shiatsu practitioner and is passionate about the holistic approach it takes. Shiatsu is a Japanese massage based on the Chinese medical system. He works with your meridians, acupoints, uses stretches and also manipulation of the joints to help with the flow of energy in your body. Even and steady pressure is used with his fingers, knees, elbows, palms and sometimes feet, all within your comfort zone. Each session is different, depending on your needs.

This type of bodywork is done with you fully dressed in flexible clothing, to gain the most from the stretches. Over the years with this form of bodywork, he has been able to support people’s physical pain, insomnia and stress among other issues. Zen Shiatsu sees the mind, body connection as being integral to your treatments.

Adrian Cox

" I would like to recommend Adrian Cox. Adrian is a gifted and intuitive healer who fully understands the power of subtle energies which is the foundation of shiatsu healing. Adrian has certainly helped ease my frozen shoulder and I have only had 3 sessions so far. Can't wait for my next session! "

- Bee

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