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Diane Przybilla

Bodywork Therapist specialising in Lomi Lomi Massage

Embody Your Bliss

More important than the therapy you receive, is the intention with which it is given. A treatment with Diane is deeply rooted in connection with yourself, as the true source of your healing. Diane offers tailor-made treatments, using various remedial and relaxation techniques such as breath-work and stretching. She will work with you on an individual basis to achieve fast and long-lasting results, leaving you feeling energised yet relaxed.

Being a swimmer in her early teens and a personal trainer later in life, her fascination for the human body, the importance of keeping it healthy, its vibrancy, potential and ability to heal itself, led her eventually to retrain as a bodyworker.

Diane graduated in holistic massage from one of the top London schools of massage. She then went on to study with Rosalie Samet, UK’s leading Master Practitioner and Trainer of the sacred art of Hawaiian Massage. She is a licensed massage therapist and teacher in London and has dedicated her life to sharing the depth and vibrancy of this profound work with others as a vehicle for awakened consciousness.

Her spare time, she spends in nature. Nature is her temple. A place of rejuvenation, of peace and inspiration. She also loves to experiment in the kitchen as she believes in: “Let food be thy medicine.”

Other massage modalities include: Deep Tissue, Womb and Fertility Massage, Myofascial Release and Pregnancy Massage. She is a yoga teacher, holds women circles and hosts fasting retreats.

Diane Przybilla

" I chose the Lomi Lomi which made me feel very comfortable. I fell asleep during the massage. "

- Lingbo

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