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Ecem Eksioglu

Transpersonal Coach & Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator

Ecem is a transpersonal coach, ASE practitioner and group facilitator. Ecem works with people to help them to discover their authenticity and spiritual self to live with greater clarity and purpose. She offers tools for a deep connection to your highest state of being with spirituality, presence & open awareness. The core of her approach lies in a generative and holistic process featuring Transpersonal Coaching Psychology, spirituality, NLP, open awareness breath work and mindfulness.

Her Qualifictaions are:
Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) Facilitator Training - Jevon Dangeli
Transpersonal Coaching Psychology - Alef Trust
Central Saint Martins - Branding and Brand Experience
BSc Psychology - Acibadem University

Ecem Eksioglu

" Ecem holds the coaching space with presence and sensitivity. Her empathetic nature shines through her coaching and I have worked successfully to better understand some of my old core issues with her. Over a series of six sessions working with Ecem allowed me to develop a greater awareness of my core limited beliefs and plan the practical next steps to move through them. If you are interested in discovering the true nature of your being I can recommend Ecem as a coach and breath work facilitator. "

- Tim E.

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