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Hannah Joseph

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Hannah is a Kundalini yoga teacher having completed a 220 hour Kundalini Global training under Carolyn Cowan in 2020. Hannah’s journey of becoming a yoga teacher is one of becoming embodied and gaining insight into her Indian heritage.
The powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga, where what we experience on the mat translates beautifully into our day-to-day life, whether stillness, strength, determination or surrender, has been a profound gift that has been both healing and empowering. Hannah is passionate about sharing the deeply meditative practice in her classes, placing importance of teaching in a safe and inclusive space. She believes that, attuning to the divine within, finding stillness and peace away from our daily responsibilities, even just for a moment, to experience ourselves differently in the ‘here and now’ is so needed right now.

Hannah Joseph

" I really love Hannah’s classes. Hannah epitomises kindness, she has such a calm, soothing voice and she is really knowledgeable about the body and kundalini practices and explains things really clearly. She always has a really thoughtful intention and theme to the lesson, which I love as it helps me to focus my thoughts. These elements teamed with her love and passion for beautiful music makes the perfect combination for a relaxing and inspiring lesson! I would highly recommend! "

- Lucy

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