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Hayley Newton

Energy Healer, Medium & Channeler

Hayley is a highly experienced Healer who qualified over 25 years ago with the world renowned Healing Trust. As a young girl she turned to healing to help her overcome excruciating back pain, as well as the painful loss of several close family and friends. Her life forever changed, she decided to dedicate herself to helping and being of service to others.

She spent 2 years training with The Healing Trust (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) approximately 25 years ago. Her healing journey has taken her to working in conjunction with doctors and hospitals to help heal people with all manner of issues ranging from rape, cancer, stroke, headache, to stress, anxiety, depression, grief etc. She also works with rescue dogs and offers healing to all animals including dogs, cats and horses.

She believes that you don’t have to be ill to have healing, rather healing is about maintaining health by staying in harmony with the body. Regular healing is imperative to keep the body in balance and keep stress at bay.

She is also a member of the Healing Hands Network, a charity in Sarajevo, Bosnia, that helps victims of war and rape.

With a keen interest and talent to also make others feel beautiful, it was not long before she was in demand by key players in the industry. Her portfolio includes magazine shoots, fashion shows and beauty events for top brands. Her years of professional experience providing top of the range treatments to clients in Five Star luxurious hotels and spas can be felt through the high standard of care and service she provides to each person she encounters. 
Hayley prides herself on recognising the importance of engaging with clients on all levels of their well being, in order to ensure that everyone is provided with a tailor made experience. This combined with her powerful intuition creates a unique, uplifting and relaxing treatment.
Her Energy Healing works by connecting to your energy field and then channeling through messages from loved ones as well as picking up on weaknesses, blocks and injuries within the body.

Hayley also uses Angel cards because of their gentle vibrations and pure energy. They offer a softer type of guidance to support you on your journey.

Healing is a universal treatment that can help and provide relief from many symptoms and illnesses. With the strains and stresses of living and working in London it is the perfect antidote and will leave you feeling recharged and balanced.
Hayley also recently trained at Sivananda in Austria to teach yoga. She believes the balance and grounding that yoga brings and the overall sense of harmony helps keep her in alignment so that she is better able to help heal others. It keeps her battery topped up.

Her philosophy is that you can’t run a car on empty and that when you bring yoga into your life it brings such stillness, inner calm and peace which is what you have to have as a practitioner to heal others.

Every treatment experience will be unique because spirit is working with what you need at that specific moment in time in your life.

She has flexible availability outside of Thursdays, just call or email the centre.

Hayley Newton

" What a wonderful experience. I left feeling very peaceful and rejuvenated. Hayley is a truly gifted therapist and I thank her again for her reassurance. Claire is very welcoming and informative too. Also, what an absolutely awesome place to spend time …. So beautiful! "

- Vivienne

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