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Inesa Nikitina

Registered Nurse

Inesa has had a lifelong passion for helping others. As a registered nurse, she has been able to combine this passion with her desire to make a difference. Inesa obtained her RN diploma in Lithuania in 1994. After graduation and working 4 years in the neurological department she decided to pursue her career in London. In 2002 she began working in private sectors at St. Johns and St. Elizabeth's hospitals, The London Clinic, The London Bridge Hospital as a theatre practitioner. She then decided to move to NHS Guys & St Thomas’ hospital specialising in ophthalmology as Deputy Nurse Specialist - Intravitreal injector. Inesa loves getting to know her patients and taking part in the development and health of each individual. Her passion is dancing, art, music, traveling and connecting the body, mind & soul.

Inesa Nikitina

" After I had Covid, I couldn’t summon up the energy to do anything. Inesa gave me an infusion and I instantly felt transformed - came home and did two hours’ gardening! Now I have them regularly and they help with immunity, sleeping, energy levels, all sorts ”

- Clare (Age 56)

" I have been seeing Inesa for a while now to upkeep with the intake of vital minerals and vitamins, and also to alkalize my system as I have arthritic symptoms, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and digestive issues.
The infusions really have been supportive as they're tailored to my needs, not only boosting my energy levels with a sense of calm and well-being. "

- Kim (Age 60)

Inesa gave me some beautiful infusions to help boost my immune system and I really did feel more bouyant and youthful afterwards.
I think this could be a very beneficial treatment especially if used on a regular basis. "

- Claire Farman (Yoga Teacher, Healer & Artist)

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