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Laura Long

Bodywork Therapist Specialising in the Alexander Technique and Sound Healing Ceremonialist

Laura Long qualified at Anthony Kingsley’s world class training school in London, and has been a practitioner of the Alexander Technique for over 12 years.

The Alexander Technique offers a simple yet powerful way to realise optimal health. If you are experiencing back pain, RSI, migraine, insomnia, postural problems or an overtaxed nervous system it can bring you into direct body awareness so that healing is harnessed in its own organic way.

With hands-on guidance, Laura will take you through a series of slowed down everyday movements that bring about a more finely-tuned sense of self, both in body and mind. Without any effort or trying, it naturally quietens the mind and softens unhelpful and reactive behaviours. It is gentle and non-invasive, yet dynamic and invigorating.

Because of this the Alexander work also stimulates and increases creativity. It provides a backbone of practice for musicians, actors and singers seeking to create or maintain a sense of freedom, natural function and authentic expression. As a form of guided mindfulness, the Alexander Technique goes to the heart of each person's individual needs, providing a rich and meaningful process of personal self-discovery.

Alexander Technique is not necessarily a quick fix, but is something that can offer profound longterm changes. It is also incredibly relaxing and is often able to afford immediate relief.

Laura Long

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