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Marie Chabert

Bodywork Therapist

Marie is a massage therapist, a dancer and choreographer, and a yoga teacher.

She uses various techniques such as soft tissue release, muscle energy technique, trigger point release, myofascial release combined with her 15 years of experience as a professional dancer and her understanding of the body.

She has a BTEC level 5 in sports massage and remedial therapy from the renown North London School of Sports Massage. She is a member of the Sports Massage Association which ensures quality and professionalism in the industry.

She recently obtained a MA in creative practice from Trinity Laban and her research aimed at creating links between her different practices through a better understanding of fascia and biotensegrity. This enabled her to have a deeper embodied knowledge of biomechanics and how the body's system are interrelated.

She has experience working with athletes (football players, marathon runners, cyclists, boxers, dancers), actors, the general public as well as corporate staff. She massaged for the London Marathon with the British Heart Foundation, and the Aerial Society at Imperial College London.

'What I love about massage, is the challenge it gives me to try to understand each person’s condition, patterns, and try to find the best possible way to make their body more functional. Reaching towards optimum potential, health and performance. The way I see massage is to create the conditions to encourage self-healing, by using my skills and knowledge. In my sessions I undertake a thorough initial assessment and use various techniques, finishing the session with rehabilitation exercise and advices to complement the treatment.'

Marie Chabert

" I strongly recommend Marie for thoroughly understanding the mechanics of the human body and getting to know you from an holistic perspective. She was able to release the tension from my back, finding exactly the muscles that were creating the pain and applying different techniques to release the tension. Needless to say she is super-professional and the following morning I woke up, for the first time in a long time, pain-free. Thanks Marie. "

– Simona

" I have had a few treatments from Marie and I am so so happy that I’ve found someone who understands the body well enough, both intuitively and anatomically, to be able to help me with my shoulder injury. She is a great therapist, professional, very friendly and easy to talk to. She has a passion for the work she does and has a genuine interest in helping people. She also gives great yoga classes, which I highly recommend. Thank you Marie! "

- Justin

" I received a massage the week after a tough house moving when my body was deeply exhausted; plus I had an ankle injury following a climbing accident. Marie was absolutely amazing, highly professional and understanding of my body needs. After the massage I felt rejuvenated and I would definitely recommend it to anybody. "

- Laura

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