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Nina Gan

Sound Healing Ceremonialist

Nina is a gong practitioner and kundalini yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, based in North London, where she teaches regular classes, with a lightness and humour.

For her the Gong allowed her overactive mind to quickly reach a state of calm and peace, something that alluded her for many years. She loves the instant effect the gong has on people, by calming down the active part of the brain the sounds and vibrations work through the body and mind allowing one to access various states of meditation and stillness. In these unsettling times it is essential to be able to switch off and reset,
and the beauty of Gong Baths is that they are for everyone. Simply lie down and receive.

Nina trained with Leo Cosendai, 200 hours Naad Yoga
Path to Source 200 hours Kundalini Yoga
2nd Level Energy Healing at Path to Source
Further training with Mehtab Benton, Mark Swan and Bear Love

Nina Gan

" Grateful & blissed out birthday treat! "

- Daniela

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