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Penni Polivi

Energy Healer & Kinesiology for Nutrition Practitioner

As a certified alternative healer and nutrition diet coach, I help my clients transform their bodies so they feel empowered, exude confidence, and are able to live authentically.

In my nutrition coaching program we work on changing not only a person’s body composition, but to gain body confidence, and overcome unhealthy relationships with food and at times with themselves. In my healing sessions I use natural tools and energy based healing techniques, to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety, promote cellular healing, and reinstate balance back into the emotional, physical, and energetic body.

Penni Polivi

“ Penni helped me get balanced and refocused on taking care of myself and taking charge of my life the best way I could considering my circumstances. Not only is Penni a gifted reiki healer, she is also very knowledgeable with crystals, essential oils and other healing modalities that helped me find the right balance and healing methods for me to work with on a day to day basis. I am feeling more centered and balanced, and I am now able to create some space in my day to take care of myself more than I have been able to before. I highly recommend Penni for whatever ales you. She has helped me get myself back on track and it has made a huge difference in all of our lives at home."

- Martha Ray

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