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Healing 101 : No Need to Run, No Need to Hide

Updated: Jun 6

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Continuing with our Healing 101 series, today we are talking about pain, Pain is not so pleasant is it? We try to avoid pain as much as possible. Sometimes pain is suddenly thrust upon us and we "recoil from it, as from a hot flame." Accidentally touch a hot iron or stovetop and see what happens. We never knew our arm and hand could move so fast! We didn't really need to think about it very much and our body just reacted.

Often our mind can recoil from painful thoughts just like our hand did from those flames. Sometimes, we do indeed indulge in the pain in order to feel anger or perhaps wallow in self-pity. Usually, when the pain is visceral in our lives and specific thoughts remind us of that pain the seemingly safest and most logical solution is mentally run and hide. This pain that we can fear so, might stem from a lover's betrayal or abandonment, or some embarrassing or humiliating actions or words that we did or said to someone or some group. Or the pain can come from some completely random and unfair loss.

Whatever the source of the pain, the only way to properly heal from it is to face it, head on. One of the reasons so many people abuse drugs (especially alcohol) is because drugs provide a convenient albeit temporary escape. This never works past that very day and must be repeated. This way of dealing with pain only causes more pain and heals none. It is a vicious cycle. We must face the pain and realise there is no way to hide from it and heal.

If you are suffering, right now, just take a moment to see it in yourself. Calmly say to yourself something like, "Well, I'm brokenhearted aren't I? This is what that feels like." Then, exhale and feel a moment of peace. With perhaps a little guidance this could be just the beginning and that peaceful moment can dominate your life, like the pain did. We can face it!

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