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TCM Acupuncture can been used to address a multitude of different conditions.


Acupuncture can support pain relief from:

  • headaches

  • migraines

  • back pain

  • arthritis

  • menstral cramps 

Acupuncture can aid in stress and anxiety reduction by helping to regulate the nervous system which will promote feelings of relaxation and reduce stress hormones. As a result you may have:


  • improved sleep quality 

  • enhanced feelings of calm.

TCM Acupuncture can also improve digestion through alleviating digestive related issues like:

  • nausea 

  • vomiting 

  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

In more recent years, TCM Acupuncture has been used in conjunction with IVF to support women and their partners on their IVF journey. If you are looking for IVF or fertility support, please book with Lora Macfarlane.

Acupuncture can also boost the body's natural healing abilities and improve circulation aiding in greater overall wellness.

During an initial Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture session you can expect to have a detailed personal and medical history taken. You should wear comfortable clothes that can easily be removed or rolled up so that the acupuncturist can access various parts of the body.


Please note that we require 24 business hours notice for appointment cancellation. If you give us notice within 24 business hours of your appointment time there will be a charge of 50% of the treatment cost. If you fail to turn up to your appointment without any notice there will be a charge of 100% of the treatment cost.


Card details will be required to secure all appointments.

1 HR



45 MIN



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