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how do you harness the energy of the moon?

if you are like us you love the idea of moon circles and full moon ceremonies and new moon rituals, but have no idea what it all means or how to get started. the mystery and beauty of the moon has the power to stop you in your tracks on an evening walk and mesmerise the imagination and can even make you feel a magnetic pull towards and into it.

how is this possible? and if we can feel the moon pull our energy into it, shouldn't we be able to pull its energy into us?

we think so, and so does sam. we sat down with her to uncover a bit of the mystery around the moon and how we can start a journey of discovery, creativity and energising ritual to move more deeply into the lunar realm.

sam, to start with what is ritual?

A ritual is an experience created with intention and usually involves a sequence of events. at a moon phase ritual we will open the circle by acknowledging the current moon phase, and what this means. then we will go into a guided visualisation to seek inner guidance, and finally we will take some time for journaling and sharing before closing the circle.

how does understanding the moon phase deepen or affect the experience of the ritual?

as humans are mostly made of water, the position of the moon has a subtle influence on our emotional body; the magnetic pull of the moon waxes and wanes across a 28 day cycle as do our emotions and therefore our relationships! the ritual includes a guided visualisation to support us wherever we are in the current moon phase, so that we can empower ourselves accordingly. for example, some moon phases are about starting afresh, others are about going within. also, each moon phase corresponds with a star sign and therefore the characteristics for the star sign will be included, such as focussing on home-life, or starting new adventures.

what is a guided visualisation?

it’s a kind of meditation. I will be asking you to picture yourself here or there, so it can be whatever you want it to be. it is not hypnosis, so no one will be put into a trance or anything like that! it’s a gentle meditation practice.

Are the guided meditations different each time? what will the guided meditation look like, can i lie down, do i have to sit up?

each guided visualisation meditation will be different and will be using the theme of the current moon phase. you will be invited to sit or lie comfortably. guided visualisations are an experience of being present to whatever wants to be shown to you – for example, if i ask you to picture a tree that tree will look different each time. whether the tree is tall and strong or a brand new sapling may bring you some insights. guided visualisations are very good for unlocking creative energies.

How will I feel supported by the moon phase ritual?

at the end of the session you will have taken time to acknowledge and align with the moon phase, and will have received some insights and clarity from the guided visualisation to support you in next steps.

why would I need to attend more than once?

each guided visualisation is different and therefore each piece of insight will be new and relevant to the current situation and moon phase. if you have any creative pursuits these visualisations are excellent for new inspiration!

is guided visualisation for everyone?

no – if you are on certain types of medication it may not be for you. please notify us in advance. sometimes when coming out of a guided visualisation you can feel a bit light-headed, so before we close the circle we will do some grounding exercises to bring you back to earth and ready for your journey home

what if i have questions about the moon phase or the visualisation experience?

feel free to raise anything during the circle time – and sam will also be available before or after the session via email if you need to contact her.

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