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Your Overall Health Diagnostic, NW3 2BE

Your Overall Health Diagnostic Consultation will include the taking of your case history, iridology, Bio Resonance testing and Naturopathy. The therapist may also recommend you a DNApal test kit. 

During the case history our therapist will gather information about your current lifestyle, sleep patterns, body functions, emotional and physical traumas, childhood and genetic illnesses, vaccines and the birthing process you underwent.  ​

Then you will have an iridology exam. Through the study of the patterns and colours on the iris of the eye, the therapist can see inherent weaknesses, sub-functioning of organs, blockages, infestation with parasites and gain an accurate psychological portrait of the examinee.

After Iridology you will receive bio resonance testing using the ASYRA device. The ASYRA is a bio-energy frequency reader. The ASYRA device will provide particularised identification of pathologies in your system such as allergies, organ dysfunction, hormonal issues, particular toxins, metals, parasites present, the degree of radiation from Wi-Fi, scans, mould, emotional hang-ups and so on.

At the end of the consultation, you and the therapist will have a full discussion of the findings and a naturopathic treatment plan is drawn up which includes herbalism, choice supplements and various techniques for emotional and psychological healing.

The therapist may also recommend A DNApal test kit which decodes your individual DNA to help you understand how you are built and what you really need to get and stay healthy. The DNApal advice is backed by the science of nutrigenomics which is the study of the interaction between nutrition, lifestyle and genes. The DNA test covers 700k+ genetic variants (SNPs) and its smart algorithm combines your DNA & current lifestyle information to deliver over 50 different insights, along with diet & lifestyle support.


Results take between 3 – 6 weeks.

*Please note the DNApal test kit is an extra fee and can also be purchased separately here.

Chakra & Aura Energy Healing, NW3 2BE

We have 7 major energy centres in our body known as chakras, which are responsible for our energetic, emotional, physical, psychological, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Balancing and unblocking the 7 chakras is a powerful way of bringing back harmony and healing to the body, mind and spirit.

Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. It acts as a magnetic field of energy that picks up on emotions, health, psychic debris and circumstances around you. By regularly cleansing your auric field you can experience a drastic difference in the way you feel, returning your mind and body to peace.

During a session cleansing oils, crystals and pendulums can be used to clear blockages and restore meridian energy flow.

Naturopathy, NW3 2BE

Naturopathy believes that for nearly all conditions, a person has a self-healing system. In order to heal in naturopathy we aim to bring the pathological influences to an end and strengthen the self-healing forces. This is done by a variety of techniques applied to mind, body and soul. Naturopathy is a journey. If you are ready to be shown how to live a healthy life, then naturopathy is for you. A full consultation will include the taking of your case history, iridology and ASYRA testing. You will be given a treatment plan which includes herbalism, choice supplements and various techniques for emotional and psychological healing.

Iridology is an examination of the eyes and Particularly the study of the iris, one of the most intricate and captivating tissue structures within the human body. Just like markings on a map, the iris can reveal a person’s current health state along with strengths & potential challenges of certain organ systems, & even psychological and personality traits. The iris has its basic colour. In addition, the iris is inlaid with a mosaic of features: different shapes, textures and colours. All these features are in fact the ends of nerve channels which go from the eye to the brain and from there to multiple destinations throughout the body. Thus the shapes, colours and textures observed of the iris will give a picture of the general condition of the parts of the body to which they connect.  The basic colour of the eye will give us a person’s innate constitution. This will tell us the pathological and neurological conditions to which a person is prone – both the positive aspects, a person’s strengths and the negative aspects, his or her weaknesses. Iridology is thus a pointer to a person’s physical, emotional and mental condition.

The ASYRA device is an advanced piece of diagnostic technology which reads bio frequencies. Everything about us, from our thoughts, the way we stand, organ functioning, allergies & emotional responses, has its own bio-resonance. So Every function of the mind and body has its bio frequency imprint. The ASYRA device has the potential for generating reports on many different conditions. It can identify pathologies in a person’s system such as allergies, organ dysfunction, hormonal issues, particular toxins, metals, parasites, the degree of radiation exposure from Wi-Fi and health scans, mould issues and emotional hang-ups. The ASYRA will detect these frequencies and match it against a library of thousand’s of such imprints contained in the ASYRA’S software. ASYRA is used by thousand’s of conventional and alternative practitioners around the world and is remarkably accurate & revelatory.

Intuitive Healing, NW3 2BE

combination reiki, reflexology, acupressure and indian head massage

Angel Card Readings, NW3 2BE

Angel Card Readings can provide clarity as to where you are on your path, creating a space for your natural guidance to come through. This combined with the art of mediumship opens the space for true soul guidance to flow.​​

angel card readings can support self-development, assist in decision making, help manifest new ventures, aid in gaining clarity, improve your life and nurture your relationships. 

Empowering Mind Therapy, NW3 2BE

This therapy provides a unique and holistic approach customised to each individual by combining a mixture of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Meridian Psychotherapy.

NeuroLinguistic Programming is a powerful process that allows an individual to re-program their brain’s response to stimuli. This method helps to change the patterns of the brain (neuro) associated with negative emotional and mental behaviours, using language (linguistic). It offers the manifestation of new and better behaviours which can lead to an improved and happier life.

Life Coaching sessions help to identify and explore limiting beliefs and behaviours that are causing challenges in a person’s life. By creating a trusting and confidential environment, the therapist provides support, structure and the necessary resources for an individual to make changes happen on their own.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a combination of psychotherapy and behavioural therapies that focusses on addressing and changing an individual’s challenging emotional issues. The combination of these tools is powerful in helping a person focus and think about themselves, the world around them and other people in order to achieve a happier life.

Meridian Psychotherapy: Meridians are internal energy pathways which run through the body.
Each relates to specific organs, body systems (circulatory, endocrine, digestive and nervous) and emotions. Because of the link between meridians and emotions this therapy is very helpful in calming and neutralising negative and limiting thoughts, difficult emotional states, upsetting events and trauma. It does so by restoring balance and releasing blocked energies.

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