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Vitruvian Wellness

Vitruvian Wellness is a sacred healing space committed to supporting people in achieving their optimum potential in vitality and health by focussing on mind, body and soul. We are bringing together energy modalities, immune boosting therapies such as IV drips and Ozone, detoxification strategies, bodywork, beauty treatments, spiritual wellbeing as well as sacred healing ceremonies and educational workshops.

Frédérique Peeters-Tan is the inspiration behind the creation of Vitruvian Wellness.

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we offer a range of movement practices and classes from yoga to qigong and breathwork. we hold sacred sound healing and cacao ceremonies and run various creative and educational workshops.cClick the button below to find out the dates and times.

Image of Classes, Workshops & Ceremonies, NW3 2BE

Monday - Friday:  10:00am - 8:00pm

​​Saturday:               10:00am - 5:00pm

​Sunday:                  10:00am - 5:00pm

and by appointment

Welcome Area at Vitruvian Wellness, NW3 2BE

Powerful Mind-Body Healing 


Take charge of your health in partnership with Laura. Discover how she can help you restore your vitality after experiencing stress, pain and illness in a gentle, relaxing way that is sympathetic to your body and powerfully restoring. 


Using Alexander Technique principles, Laura encourages you to become an active participant in your own recovery which means you are making a deep-rooted connection to your inner self at an intimate level. This will leave you feeling empowered, confident and able to enjoy the benefits of sustained health and a happier life.


With gentle hands-on guidance and an instinctive ability, Laura will take you through simple mindful movements that allow you to connect, understand and experience your body in subtle energising new ways. By revealing long-held negative patterns of habitual tension and muscle misuse, the body can begin to initiate recalibration and reinstate what is natural and healthy. ‘Unhindered, nothing works better than the innate wisdom and healing capabilities of your own body and mind’, says Laura, and this is what she happily restores. ‘When we become more aware of our movements and how they effect our bodies, we allow the nervous system to find balance and realign the body, bringing more internal space and an open fluid energy that heals, restores and recharges.’


The Alexander Technique is a holistic approach to well-being that can be truly life changing. It’s broad remit deals with all aspects of being human: psychological, emotional, physical and energetic, seeing these elements as inextricably linked. Liberating and rejuvenating, the health benefits can pave the way to a more aligned, creative and rewarding life.  

Alexander Technique

Beautiful, calming space. really enjoyed the sound healing. Will definitely come again. 

lisa d.

A brilliant treatment received from a caring, empathetic and skilled practitioner. Highly recommend. 

naome k.

amazing therapist, so caring, professional and outstandingly devoted!!!  amazing service with a smile.  

chavi r.

The sound healing ceremony was incredible. The space is beautiful with a lovely energy. 

kam d.

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