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naturopathy versus conventional medicine
naturopathy at vitruvian wellness, london nw3 2be

comparing naturopathy with conventional medicine

of all the dozens of forms of natural healing, naturopathy is the closest to conventional medicine. this is because:

  • part of the assessment of a person’s condition involves the examination of the physical body.

  • a belief in medical research, even if in different areas. Naturopathy particularly engages in biomedicine. Biomedicine is medicine based on the application of the principles of the natural sciences especially biology & biochemistry.

  • naturopathy also puts a good deal of emphasis on medication (albeit natural supplements).

for this reason, newcomers to natural healing will feel most comfortable with naturopathy. it is not like energy healing which, to the skeptical, can seem like a leap in the dark.

departure from conventional medicine

but beyond this, the comparison stops. conventional medicine focuses on the physical and ignores the spirit. it concentrates on symptoms and uses chemicals and surgery to try to force the body to react differently. according to naturopathy, these methods have side effects whilst the basic problems remain untreated.

according to naturopathic practitioners, symptoms point to causes. Eczema, for example, is not a skin problem but the result of inner toxicity. therefore, it should not be treated with cortisone creams for short term relief but with detoxifying the body.

what causes illness and toxicity?

  • substances such as junk food, glyphosates, chemical medication, air pollution, mould, heavy metals, electro-magnetic radiation from wifi & mobile phones.

  • physical problems such as infections, parasites, poor posture, injury, lack of movement, poor sleep & hereditary disadvantages.

  • negative states of mind such as stress, depression, not living who you are, traumas & family issues.

why detox?

detoxification is a key element in so much of our healing because toxicity has become a major factor of modern life. chemicals in food, medication and other environmental sources damage body cells. metals, mercury fillings, cosmetics, contaminated fish etc. linger in the body. fungus and parasites are commonly found to be present in the body. they all seriously impair the proper functioning of the body.

a detox programme is designed to help the body eliminate the toxins. once this is done, the body functions properly again and health is restored. at the same time, it must be said that a detox can take a variety of forms and it is very well understood that unless the detox programme is properly adjusted to you and your lifestyle, it won’t work. therefore, detox programmes need to be tailor made.

finally, naturopathy associates illness with cosmic purpose. illness is one of the foremost messages from the higher wisdom directing the universe that you’re drifting from the path intended for you in your life. this concerns such issues as:

  • a truthful relationship with yourself.

  • what your special gifts and talents are.

  • what you are meant to add to this world.

naturopathy helps to address these spiritual and soul issues as well.

at vitruvian wellness, a full consultation with our experienced naturopathic practitioner, leah, will include the taking of your case history, iridology (the study of the iris) and asyra testing (bio-resonance testing). you will be given a treatment plan which includes herbalism, choice supplements and various techniques for emotional and psychological healing.

if you would like to find out more about a naturopathy session with leah at vitruvian wellness, or want to speak to a vitruvian wellness consultant, feel free to call on 020 7284 2898 or you can book a Naturopathy session here:

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