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Healing 101

Updated: Jun 6

Healing is believing.

Healing is believing.

Hello, my name is Wayne Willinger. For many years (decades!) I was ruled by my emotions and as a result I sometimes felt ecstasy but often suffered. i now realise much of this pain was unnecessary and in fact easily released or prevented. Men sometimes have a difficult time dealing with emotions. Through a series of blogs and also workshops, my aim is to help men heal from pain and grief in order to live happy and free.

To heal on any level requires a faith that it is indeed possible. there is the legendary type of healing gifted upon the afflicted by those such as: apollo, jesus, the gaelic goddess of brigid or the egyptian god isis and many more, all the way to modern day "faith healers" (of which there are a lot.) this type of healing is often called "a miracle." I would never say this is impossible and do believe that with enough faith, "mind over matter" could be real.

much of the healing referred to in this series will be of the psychological nature, but even if it were of a physical nature, the mind must be dealt with first anyway. All types of healing must start with the mind. As with physical pain, psychological pain can cause scarring. These scars might come from things such as a broken relationship or from the grief of a dear loss, also there can be pain and anger, seemingly justified, stemming from some injustice bestowed upon us, whether it be physical or financial or countless other ways.

There is freedom from this emotional pain, but before any healing can begin you must first quiet and ease your mind and take more control of it. You must listen to the thoughts and "voices" in your head. Ask yourself the nature of these thoughts. Are they healing? And ask yourself, who is it that is listening to them.

These are some of the vital first steps in preparing the mind and setting it as a foundation on which healing can begin. Through a bit of focus work and meditation (guided or otherwise) you can reach a place where it becomes quite easy to take a moment (at any time) and quiet and relax the mind, and really feel no pain mentally, and the pain can become the exception to the peace.

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