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Unpacking Clinical Hypnotherapy

Updated: Jun 6

How can Clinical Hypnotherapy help you?
Clinical Hypnotherapy at Vitruvian Wellness, london nw3 2be

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a process used to access the subconscious mind.

The conscious and sub-conscious mindsets hold different roles as the conscious mind is responsible for our daily human functions and awareness of our surroundings and people. The subconscious mind holds memories, experiences and often distressing emotions .

As humans we naturally hold our sub- conscious feelings and thoughts away from our conscious mind as a way of coping and surviving. Whilst this is a very natural and real process, it’s often a disservice to ourselves when we look only to the conscious mind for answers or help. more often than not, the answers lie in various beliefs, thoughts and ideas that we hold onto in our sub-conscious. These beliefs, thoughts and ideas formed in childhood are present in adulthood, held in the sub-conscious mind and it’s what we do do with these in the present that can disrupt our lives.

When we push down feelings or habits that are too painful to feel or acknowledge, disruptive patterns are formed to work around this discomfort. When we finally allow all of this to surface, it can result in a pool of emotions that are a challenge to begin with as they’ve often waited so long to be expressed. Once you allow these emotions to process, the mind - and in turn the body - both breathe a sigh of relief which brings you to a calmer state of being.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a treatment that works with deep relaxation and guided visualisation to allow the mind to create a positive energy to radiate, clearing out patterns which are destructive to our wellbeing and personal growth.

We are all unique and have our own “ emotional suitcase” to carry. Clinical Hypnotherapy is tailor made for each client to work with and thereby unpack their emotional suitcase.

Covid has presented emotional trauma as a result of our regular outlets and routines changing in the blink of an eye. At times feeling trapped with no way of releasing or letting go of fears; these fears and anxieties have left many opened ended ongoing issues. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful healing technique and can be practised to enable healing from these ongoing traumatic times.

" people don't come to therapy to change their past but their future. "

- milton erickson

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