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Why Zen Shiatsu Might Be for You

Updated: Jun 6

Adrian Cox, Zen Shiatsu Practitioner in North London

Meet Adrian Cox, a Zen Shiatsu practitioner at Vitruvian Wellness.

Adrian's first experience of Shiatsu opened his eyes. Over 20 years ago a friend of his suggested that they go to a Shiatsu walk-in clinic in north London. He wasn't really sure what to expect, but even though the practitioner wasn't fully qualified, by the end of the session he knew this was something special. 20 years later, he decided to make the commitment to start the 3 year Shiatsu training. Through the course he learned a great deal about himself and how to be more self aware from day to day.

Why have a Zen Shiatsu session?

The reason Shiatsu is suitable for many issues is because it has a holistic approach to treatment. It sees the person as a whole, and is extremely respectful of the body, mind connection. Zen Shiatsu sessions can be very relaxing, engaging the deeper intelligent part of you to assist the healing.

Every treatment is a journey, some are short, but some conditions that are deep rooted could take longer to treat. The versatile nature of Shiatsu means that it can be supportive and beneficial through those journeys. While providing a treatment, Adrian is always grateful to share that space with the client, each session is carried out with compassionate, positive regard.

What types of injuries and complaints do you hear the most from clients?

The most common complaints that clients present would be neck and back pain. These symptoms can be the cause of sitting and working in unsuitable furniture, injury from an accident or through stress. Some people have sadly lived with the discomfort for many years, but Adrian has been pleased to see a change in clients that come for regular sessions.

Can Shiatsu help with long Covid?

Long Covid is a condition that is frustrating and draining for the person suffering from it. Treating this condition with Shiatsu can be helpful for many of the symptoms

Are you performing in a higher gear longer than you should?

This can deplete your energy, disrupting your flow of qi, making you feel stressed and fatigued. Introducing a balance of nutrition and calming activities such as meditation and therapeutic practices like Shiatsu will help you to maintain your wellbeing, as well as helping you avoid burnout.

Sometimes, at the beginning of a Shiatsu session, you will be guided through a simple breathing exercise. This gentle exercise helps to engage the parasympathetic nervous system as well as bring awareness to the mind/body connection. This connection is important because over time a slight disconnect between the mind and body can begin to take place in our daily lives. Through engaging in gentle breath work, each breath comes to represent a bridge that connects us with the here and now. You can then begin to appreciate the transient moments in your life and respond in a healthier way, helping you to let go of what doesn't benefit you.

The Yang energy of Summer, the consuming of cooler foods and having those long days and late nights, are behind us. Autumn is the period of gathering, slowing down, drawing in and preparing for winter. We consume more warming food and drinks, and aim to be in rhythm with nature, by going to bed earlier. Shiatsu aids in this balancing because it's effect is to bring us back in tune with the self and the environment in a holistic way which will guide you in transitioning with the seasons. It also helps address imbalances in your body which can then lead to tranquility and wellbeing.

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